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Solicit our multicultural trio who love the craziest challenges while remaining very picky about the execution of the work. Call on our multicultural trio who love the craziest challenges while remaining meticulous on the execution of the work. Nomad workers at heart, our passion for different cultures, nature, design, land art, healthy food, holistic education, the Donut Economy and much more enriches our relationship with our clients who very often become true partners.

To find solutions, we are sometimes inspired by the model based on “The fundamental laws of human stupidity” developed by Mr. Carlo Maria Cipolla, Professor of economic history.

Our little story…

Inspired by the frog, a symbol of good fortune in Japanese mythology, Jean-Gabriel, Web/Print Artistic Director and a great traveller who has embraced several cultures (Japanese, Colombian, Moroccan, and Spanish, as well as French, of course), has developed the visual identity of SMART ID with this little colourful mascot.
Yacine, copywriter and a marketing/communications expert with a cosmopolitan background (Czech, Senegal, France, USA) was immediately charmed by this visionary red-eyed tree frog from Costa Rica.

The SMART spirit of this 5cm amphibian is an enchanting wink to remind us of the importance of preserving our Earth and regenerating its incredible biodiversity. It is from this conviction that our creed of responsible communication was born.

By regularly stepping outside of our comfort zone, chance encounters, inspiration, and passion have allowed us to look at things from a different angle and to create STUDIO SMART ID naturally. As ideas don’t fall from the sky, we rely on our joie de vivre and curiosity to launch ourselves into a niche market and think BIG.

Together, let’s write another beautiful story!


Co-founder of STUDIO SMART ID

Copywriter and e-marketing/multimedia communications expert.

With more than 25 years of experience in cross-disciplinary project management, she is developing her vocation to promote the ecological and united transition on an international scale.

Master’s degree in Electronic Media and the Internet (University of Paris VIII)

Senegal, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, France, USA


Co-founder of STUDIO SMART ID

Artistic Director and Web Designer

More than 26 years of experience in the creation of visual identities (logos, graphic charts, graphic illustrations, packaging, etc.) and the design of major institutional websites. Very involved with small structures wishing to develop their digital presence.

Graduated in 2000 from the TSM “Senior Multimedia Technician”
(CFA des Métiers de la Communication visuelle et du Multimédia – Paris).

France, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Morocco


Graphic Designer & Web Integrator

Web integrator specialised in HTML5, JavaScript, and responsive webdesign integration (11 years of experience); creation of graphic charts and optimised integration for perfect rendering on computers and mobile devices.

Trained as a DTP Graphic Designer in Osaka, Japan

Japan, France

SMART isn’t just elegance and intelligence.
It is also an acronym used to talk about the attributes of a goal.

Inspirational quotes and artistic expressions

“The biologist passes, the frog remains”

(Jean Rostand)

The Jean de la Fontaine minute
in conscious rap

The fundamental laws of
Human Stupidity